Monthly Archives: March 2011

It’s a terrible love…

So maybe this band is from your town. And maybe you got me into them. And maybe I couldn’t listen to them for 2 years after you. Now I’m late in the game. Missing beautiful songs because of you. Missed connections because of you. But its gone on this long because of me. “It takes […]


so i ran faster…

what are these false starts. every monday. it’s like fireworks. and i think i can fix this broken down thing. i could rebuild this engine. and then i realize i’m not a mechanic. that swell of pride were sparks in the sky. and i turned around before i could watch them fade.  we’re not going […]

the fiction of you.

I think I made you up. I must have right? Because there is no evidence left of you. I didn’t realize the efficiency of modern day gadgets. There was no time to watch and reflect as your letter (one, you only sent me one) and personal info went through the shredder. I guess burning is […]

in progress…

“I’m scared of going crazy,” she said. I try to ignore her while I carefully take a bite out of my sandwich. I pretend that my desperate need for it to be perfect doesn’t show my own fears of the same thing. I try to pretend that the mere sliding of the tomato off the […]