Monthly Archives: September 2011

another chapter.

I keep thinking I’ll see you. That you’ll show up like you usually do. You’ll pop out from around the corner with a look on your face like you’re so happy to see me. I want to tell you how I got robbed. I’ll make a joke about it like I have been doing. Maybe […]


she makes me want to write a million things…

“Remember everything,” she said. “Everything anyone says to you, remember it.” She had no idea I was already doing this, the catalogs I had of her words in my mind. “I can remember being young and staring at my toes. All I could think was, ‘I just want to remember what my toes look like […]

i heard you died…

I wish I had heard you died. I wish someone would have broken it to me gently. But I got the sudden thought of you, looked you up, and it said deceased. I think I knew it was coming. The world swallows people like you. You become the forgotten. But I won’t forget you. You […]

tracks of my tears…

I have this memory where I’m young and I’m in the bathtub and my mother is washing my hair. My sister is there and we’re all singing “Tracks of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson. It almost feels like it can’t be real. It has that magical quality of dreams. But maybe that’s what becomes of […]