it’s so cold, like the cold if you were dead.

I remember this one day you let me hang out in your room when I was home alone. I watched episodes of the new Twilight Zone in your bed  and stared at all your stuff. Everything was so amazing and delicate to me just because it was yours. You had lyrics to The Cure’s “Plainsong” written there up on your wall and I made up my own melody because I had never heard the song before. To this day I still sing it in my own way.

It’s 15 days until I lose you all over again for the 18th time.



  1. this is beautiful, especially the making up your own “song” to the plainsong lyrics.

  2. thank you laura! it’s so weird how when I try to recall the song from memory I can only hear that version i made up myself so many years ago. no matter how many times i listen to the song! the real version never seems right.

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