the spill…

You let me go.

It was kind of like when a glass just slips from your hands. But I didn’t slip. You let me go. And I fell.

Most people are in it for the destruction. They turn back so they can catch a glimpse of the crash. The glass breaking. The spill. But you didn’t even look back. You had so much strength to cut the cord but you lacked the courage to stick around for the aftermath. And oh what an aftermath.

I never knew I had it in me. The way those girls can be. Balled up in tears. Days spent wandering like a zombie. I was never the type. I had read all the movies. I had read all the novels. I was so prepared for battle. But then you start making plans. Someone gets you making plans and its all over. You include them in future scenarios. All of that armor starts falling off.

Standing on your own front lawn, that’s where the blows hurt the most.

I didn’t just slip from your hands, you full force threw me against the wall. And then you ran away.

Someone will one day break you, and I’ll still be picking the shards from my hands.


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