the potential start of something… We had these blonde wigs. I even don’t know how it all started. I think we wanted to be someone else for a day. We’d put them on and stroke our hair. I marveled at what a good blonde I’d make. You’d laugh at the fact that you were already […]


Every time I get upset or jealous all I can think is, I’m not there yet. But sometimes its hard. Those moments when your stomach drops and you can’t wash that bitter taste out of your mouth to save your life. When your life feels like puzzle pieces that have just been thrown up in […]

You let me go. It was kind of like when a glass just slips from your hands. But I didn’t slip. You let me go. And I fell. Most people are in it for the destruction. They turn back so they can catch a glimpse of the crash. The glass breaking. The spill. But you […]

“I know why we try to keep the dead alive: we try to keep them alive in order to keep them with us. I also know that if we are to live ourselves there comes a point at which we must relinquish the dead, let them go, keep them dead. Let them become a photograph […]

something old that needed to see the light… Sometimes you take what you take. Terrible loves and you walk away with nothing. Or do you? A broken heart? Yes. But a waste of time? You decide. So this is what I take from you… I wrote some of my best pieces of writing during that […]

“You were a healer in another life.” That’s what she said to me. She was a witch of a lady. As in, I really think she was a witch. Lady bugs crawling on her arms, spiders in her hair. The kind of stuff you read in children’s novels. She also told me I was in […]

I’ve started to believe that there’s no such thing anymore as meaningful interaction. More and more it seems like people leave each other with a bad taste in their mouths. But then there’s those people who make you feel like not giving up. Recently my work changed their healthcare coverage from Kaiser to something else. As […]

I can remember one of the worst Christmases ever. I remember waking up one Christmas morning and someone had stolen all of my dad’s DJ equipment. Sadly after this day this exact thing would happen two more times in my life. The main reason you could never call my family poor was because of my […]

There’s few things I remember crystal clearly but I remember the day I bought this album. Every time I listen to it I’m transported back to that day and I get that weird ache. The one where you long to be in that memory you’re recalling so bad it hurts. Back when record stores meant […]

I always think that when this day comes every year, the anniversary of my sister’s death, I will be further and further away from the pain of my childhood. as the day approaches I think to myself, “You’re totally fine. I’m not sure what your problem is. It’s just one day.” and something happens in […]