What About the Ones Who Didn’t: An Open Letter to Subaru

OK so I get it. We all have things. Terrible, horrible things. And if companies had to think about everyone’s feelings when they do something they probably wouldn’t do anything at all.

That said, this commercial is horrible. Every time it plays its like you’re stabbing me in the heart. What about the people who DIDN’T live? What about my sister? What about my friend?

People die in car crashes so often you could throw a rock and hit someone who has had a loved one die. I know I’m not the only one. But when you make a commercial like this you turn something that was an accident into something that was in our hands. It’s almost like your taunting us. Trying to make us feel guilty because we didn’t own your cars. Maybe that’s not the intention of your message but it BECOMES your message when heard by someone who has someone who DIDN’T live.

You show us mangled vehicles. Images that are horror images to me. Because I’ve seen images of a vehicle like this. And guess what, she didn’t live. But in small fine print, print that I wouldn’t even have seen unless I had paused a youtube video, you tell us that these miraculous life saving moments were only from “frontal impact”. And you tell us that accidents are “unique and serious”. Yeah. They are unique. THEY ARE SERIOUS.

And you know full well that people die every day in accidents.

And you know full well those people who survive the people that died are watching your commercials.

And you must know full well that we don’t feel comfort from your images and your tales of the ones who lived. Because we see them as insensitive. We see them as taunts. We see them as you telling us that we could have done something differently.

When the only thing we’ll do differently now is DEFINITELY not buy your vehicles.


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